SurveilVision is a large scale, cloud recording surveillance system. Designed for the harsh cloud-recording environment, SurveilVision is capable of rtp/rtsp and HLS streaming protocol, capable of storing video in Mpeg-TS, H.264, or Mpeg 4 format, and capable of crossing iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux operating system. SurveilVision supports more than 100 thousands 1080p (Full HD), or even higher, cameras recording at same time (live recording or event recording), supports one camera for 3,000 people live reviewing at same time, and supports switching, viewing 16 videos with 1080p (Full HD) at once. SurveilVision is capable of recording the image at local when Internet is disconnected, and send it back when the Internet is on (function of fail-over). SurveilVision is scalable, ideal for the further system expansion.

         SurveilVision is passing the operation of telecom user, expressive of steadily. It operates with more than 100 thousands cameras now!

Solutions on SurveilVision platform:

For Large Scale, Cloud Platform

Telecom / Security / Government (Highway, Road surveillance)

For Single Site, Multiple Cameras

Subway(Metro) / Banking / Business Building / Data Center
/ Warehouse / Wholesale Store / Chain Store / Airport / Casino
/ Parking Lots / Library / Community / Home / Baby Care
/ Pet Care / Health Care

For Fleet

Passenger / Cargo Fleet